Vibrance CRM
The Hub of Your Business
Empower your business with the most advanced CRM
in one seamlessly-integrated in-depth system
Real-time visibility for decision-making, because current orders as well as sales pipeline impact your planning
Enhance Customer Experience and improve your Brand Value
With increased efficiencies and co-ordination, achieve more with same resources
Empower Sales
  • Pricing Wizard with Quotation-generation
    Always quote correctly based on pricing sheets, customer contracts and discounting-policies
    Spend time on pricing, not document editing or formatting
  • Easily log customer visits and calls
    with smartphone GPS and call log integration, its easier than ever to log interaction details
  • Selective sharing of accounts & opportunities data
    Involve others as required and also build-up company database in the process
  • Order logging and Targets tracking
    Log the orders to start validation and fulfilment process and get credited for your wins automatically
  • Order, invoice & support status
    Sure, people need to get busy hunting for new deals, but they still need to stay aware of happenings in deals already won. Enable that automatically without wasting their precious time
  • Keep in touch on-the-go too!
    The hunters should always be out hunting, but that should not mean you lose touch with them or they are not supported by the right systems in the field
Empower Sales Management
  • Better Planning.
    Long-term as well as short-term planning. Plan and set yearly targets, plan monthly/quarterly closures and even day to day activities.
  • Better Reviews.
    The progress is automatically tracked as your people close deals and make customer interactions
    Vibrance has one of the best Sales reviews wizards, whereby you can quickly review individual achievements for any time period
  • Stay connected with your team
    Always know where your people are and be there for real-time advice and approvals.
  • Plan other activities better as well
    With more clarity on your pipeline, prepare other aspects of your operations accordingly (e.g. arranging credit, building team etc)
Empower Product Managers
Dealing with multiple products, whether your own or reselling?

Vibrance has built in stats and reports to analyze product sales and pipeline. The right product managers can be involved in opportunities and orders to guide sales team as and when required
Empower Marketing
Integrated marketing means one system for the whole organization and automatic co-relation of marketing outcome to sales outcome (i.e. clearer marketing ROI as measured by real sales)
  • EMail Marketing
  • Tele-marketing
  • Landing Page to Lead Creation
  • Manage offline events too (trade shows etc)
You can also run composite campaigns, combining all these activities in a workflow
Empower Inside Sales And Finance
From new order to delivery, facilitate the process and co-ordinaton with project and sales people. Not into just packaging and shipping, but need to run projects? Sure, there's a complete project management for each order!
What's more! Automatically generate error-free invoices as milestones are reached and also for any recurring services
Empower Customer Support
Integrated support system ensures better-prepared agents about customer background and order status
Of course you can manage all customer issues and requests like other similar systems, but Vibrance doesn't stop just there. You can specify and track support SLAs (which could be different for different kinds of customers), make your own workflows and can take your customer support up a notch by providing support portal to your own customers!
With Power Comes... Complexity?
Not with Vibrance!
In fact, its simpler to use than less functional systems you've used or heard so far. Designed from the ground-up to be easy to navigate, the powerful functionality is made usable
Discover Vibrance in more details

Plan, Review, Track & Achieve


Order logging to Order Delivery


Timely and Error-free Invoicing


Manage issues, change requests and SLAs


Online, Offline & Phone Campaigns: Run 'em all here

GPS-enabled app

Plan your operations with real-time location info of your team

The fastest way to positively impact your whole business
CRMs not living up to expectations is a real problem
Vibrance is designed to address this

  • One, access-based system to prevent duplication of efforts across functions
  • Pro-active monitoring of things falling through the cracks
  • Sophisticated functionality to let people do all they need to do, but with ease and speed
  • Depth of functionality prevents need of other systems, enabling better insights within Vibrance
  • Automatic correlation of many activities with CRM data
  • All the functionality and insights made available on-the-go too, with the smartphone app
Rapid rollout Tired of prolonged implementation timelines? Well, Vibrance is better here too!
Future-adaptability Your business is dynamic, why should your CRM freeze after "initial implementation project"?
A CRM that travels with you Your people need to work on the go, make it easy for them!
Vibrance app is truly sophisticated giving all the power of Vibrance in your hands and that too, on-the-go! And it works offline as well.
Ensure the success of your CRM initiative The success of your initiatives will depend on these factors:
Implementation time
Ease and extent of customization
Being available as and when your people need it
Ensuring timely & adequate data capture
Complete enough to not force people to use multiple systems
Adapting easily with times
With Vibrance, you can be sure of launching CRM quickly and effectively
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