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Address the very reasons why CRMs don't live up to their promise

CRMs not living up to their promises is a real problem
This happens because most CRMs provide partial solutions, are not proactive in capturing data at the right moment or simply are not flexible enough to adapt to your needs. Also, the implementation cycles are unreasonably long and when finally implemented, they don't keep up with your changing needs.
Vibrance is specifically designed from the ground-up to address such issues and be a clean, comprehensive, friendly yet most featurful CRM on the market.
Discover how Vibrance helps every function

Real-time visibility for better decision-making

Higher productivity and Policy Compliance


Optimum Sourcing. Streamlined Delivery


Timely and Error-free Invoicing

Customer Support

Streamline Support. Ensure SLAs


Online or Offline: Run and Manage it all here

The fastest way to positively impact your whole business
A CRM that travels with you Your people need need to work on the go, make it easy for them!
Rapid rollout and future-adaptability Tired of prolonged implementation timelines and software freezing after launch? Not with Vibrance!
What sets Vibrance apart?
CRM field is quite crowded, but there are many useful things you'll find only in Vibrance

  • Smart data monitoring to ensure nothing falls through the cracks
  • Built-in advanced pricing and proposal generation modules
  • Integrated Billing with automatic and error-free invoicing as your orders progress
  • Integration with inventory, run order feasibility checks and track product movement
  • Available on browsers, smartphones and desktops (many times offline too!)
  • If you wish, you can deploy it on your servers as well
  • Did we mention, no more painful and prolonged implementation cycles?
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We are a research-oriented enterprise software company with the aim of making the latest in technology available to businesses of all sizes without making it look intimidating. The problem with today's enterpsie software is that they either are difficult to deploy, configure and use or they cut down on functionality to make them look easy. We have our own in-house technologies to deliver high-value solutions to you in a timely and usable manner.

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