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The Hub of your business

The B2B CRM you always wanted

Sales is a collaborative effort and nothing brings your sales, pre-sales, inside sales, product managers, and management together like Vibrance

Nurture all leads and miss none
It takes persistence and more than five follow-ups on average to win a deal. Vibrance can help you ensure that nothing falls through the cracks
Leads from all channels
Marketing campaigns, Offline events, Sales query emails, Your website, Tele-marketing, Service renewals and of course manually
Follow-ups on steroids

Setup auto-responders for effortless customer engagement. Plan follow-ups for yourself or your team. Get notified about the leads not being followed up or planned to be followed up to ensure timely actions

Email Marketing

End to end campaign management including email design, sending emails, tracking opens and clicks, and generating leads


Structured tele-marketing campaigns. Easily record phone outcome and manage follow-ups leading to lead generation

Online Campaigns

Connect all your online campaigns to drop leads in Vibrance for better follow-ups and nurturing

Offline Events

Offline events are important for B2B lead generation. Coordinate all the preparatory effort for such events in Vibrance, and capture add all the leads generated

Focus on selling and building relationships
and not the tedious quotations and contract writing
Revert to customer faster with error-free proposals. You can do this even during customer meetings with the click of a button!

Pricing Wizard

Vibrance has built-in pricing and proposal genration wizard. Easily work out pricing based on discounts and rate-contracts and generate error-free proposal documents quickly

Products and services catalog

Maintain your products and services catalog with product descriptions and pricing. Which can be used by your sales team in proposal generation or opened up to customer portal for online ordering

Pricing Approvals

Setup your pricing approval policies. They can be based on product categories, margins and/or discounting levels. Ensure that no quotation goes out without complying with your policy.
Better Planning. Better Reviews.
Plan your sales targets either top-down or bottom-up
Set target annually or quarterly
Optionally, break them up across territories, accounts and/or products
With built-in target acknowledgement/approvals, it's easier to get everyone on the same page and provide clarity on expectations
Single-click Review Wizard with all relevant data at one place with drilldown
Achievements based on deals won
Open cases
Past and planned follow-ups
Forecasting accuracy with monthly-commits management
Quicker and effective reviews saving everybody's time
Open up to the world
Showcase your products/services in the online store
Let your customers place orders online as per any rate contracts and promotions
Order status & customer support within the customer portal
Connect customers with account managers better, including ability to work together on order pricing

Keep your customers happy with Vibrance Customer Support

Because happy customers spread the good word

360° customer view
Complete customer information at your fingertips to resolve customer queries faster like previous interactions, orders, their organisation and colleauges and even their knowledge base and website visits.
Knowledge Base
Maintain manuals and knowledge articles for customer's quick reference. Not only the customer's get answers quicker it also reduces the workload on your team.

Multi-channel support

Make it easy for your customers to reach you whichever way they prefer. Be it email, phone, website chat, website support page or customer portal.

Your Processes
Use standard processes or adapt as and when you need to
Ensure timely resolution of customer queries with a built-in SLA monitoring feature
Hard-earned orders deserve better fulfilment

B2B order fulfilment is more than shipping products from a warehouse

It requires coordination between Inside Sales, Vendor Managers, Technical Experts, Logistics and Finance. Who in turn may be geographically spread out. And delivery may have to be in multiple milestones.

With its multi-departmental, collaborative and process-driven order fulfilment, Vibrance is the perfect system to manage all these nuances.

Tenders & RFPs

Go beyond regular opportunities by incorporating project-like aspects required to handle tenders and RFPs

Scheduled Reports

Not only analyze all that you need to, but you can also have Vibrance auto-email you the reports and dashboards as per your schedule


Your processes are your edge, ensure it's not lost for lack of a suitable CRM system


Power & Flexibility should not require compromise on your data security.

Vibrance is fastest way to positively impact your whole business.

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