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Data safety & Security

We care about your data as much as you do

That's why we go beyond the industry practices to safeguard your data

Your data is important and therefore we have gone the extra mile to ensure security at every level so that the right access is granted to the right people.

Fully automated server administration

Leaving no chance of human errors!

This includes automated daily backup of your data. Not only is our cloud administration fully automated, it can't even be accessed manually by people without going through safety layers imposed by our cloud management system.

Multi factor authentication

Multi factor authentication via email / SMS for extra layer of protection against any kind of password hacking.

Access rights

Every Lucid product has a robust role-based data and functionality access model. You can precisely control who can see what data and what actions are permitted.

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We are a research-oriented enterprise software company with the aim of making the latest in technology available to businesses of all sizes without making it look intimidating. The problem with today's enterprise software is that they either are difficult to deploy, configure and use or they cut down on functionality to make them look easy. We have our own in-house technologies to deliver high-value solutions to you in a timely and usable manner.
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Data safety & security
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