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Achieve your vision and go beyond
with the most robust, in-depth and collaborative
business management software on the planet

Automate, not complicate, your business systems

Simple yet sophisticated
Stay ahead of the curve with state-of-the-art technology in easy-to-use package
Your time is precious
Timely rollout with ease of adaptation for changes over time
Don't loose your competetive edge
Capture all pecularities of your processes and policies better than other systems

Have your apprehensions or prior experiences of endless waits and subpar adaptations been holding you back? You can finally achieve your vision of automating your business systems, precisely and on time.

With power comes... flexibility!

That's the puzzle we have solved well

Each of our products is highly comprehensive, in-depth yet designed to adapt to your requirements precisely with all its intricacies. Not just in the beginning, but down the line too.

Amazing Team Experience

For us collaboration is not an afterthought but built in our DNA

Teams are more productive and effective when they can collaborate seamlessly irrespective of where everyone is. Go beyond chats and messages, experience true team-connect and in-context collaboration, hard to find anywhere else.

Get it right, on time and all the time

Not just achieve but sustain your success

Faster Rollout


forget endless implementations

Better policy fit


in-depth & highly-configurable

Higher User Adoption


the only way to ensure ROI

Better decision-making


based on real-time insights

Secure Access

No compromises here!

Everything from secure passwords, multi-factor authentications, IP white-listing to fine-grained and heirarchy compliant data access is part of the package.

Simplified, not trivialized

So how should an enterprise product become simple to use?
Cut down on functionality
Design better so it looks simple
No more compromise on functionality in the name of simplicity

Well, we choose the latter approach:
In-depth, highly-configurable, yet intuitive
Because it's not enough to just "get a system", it needs to be used by all regularly to realize its intended benefits.

Proud of the company we keep

Lucid Infotech Pvt Ltd
We are a research-oriented enterprise software company with the aim of making the latest in technology available to businesses of all sizes without making it look intimidating. The problem with today's enterprise software is that they either are difficult to deploy, configure and use or they cut down on functionality to make them look easy. We have our own in-house technologies to deliver high-value solutions to you in a timely and usable manner.
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