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Vibrance for Sales
Better planning & reviews, pro-active actions and higher conversions
Plan & review for every stage
Make annual/quarterly plans, optionally up to the territory or account-level.
Review easily with detailed tracking of achievements (on booking, delivery and payment realization)
Analyze routine activities of the team, advise for any client visits/calls.
With automatic correlation of location and phone calls with client interactions, it becomes easier up update CRM and get updates in real-time.
Real-time pipeline and sales activities Forget making calls to get the data and then hours of grunt work to understand it. With Vibrance, you can analyse data in real-time with friedly wizards.
Vibrance provides better insights due to its richness of data. For example, anaylize pipeline and orders by product (whether your own or for reselling), gross margin or bookings vs delivery vs payments, territories and teams and people.
Pricing & Proposal Generation
Automate repetitive & error-prone paperwork, so you team can focus more on closing deals
Work out the pricing based on your catalog, customer rate agreements or case-specific numbers. Incorporate suitable approvals and generate quotations by a single click in your format.
Don't let opportunities slip through the cracks Timely persual of opportunities is critical to convert them. Vibrance has all the tools to streamline internal communication and schedule timely followups. Yet many times things slip out of mind as people are busy. Vibrance proactively detects cases getting ignored and proactively notifies your team to bring them back on track! Vibrance has unique tools for sales reviews and client interaction planning, enablig you to steer your team in the right direction at the right time.
Of course, all the usual stuff is there too Automatic lead assignment, role-based permissions and data sharing, territory management, configurable workflows and approval rules, reports, dashboards, Client interactions (calls, meetings) and followups
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We are a research-oriented enterprise software company with the aim of making the latest in technology available to businesses of all sizes without making it look intimidating. The problem with today's enterpsie software is that they either are difficult to deploy, configure and use or they cut down on functionality to make them look easy. We have our own in-house technologies to deliver high-value solutions to you in a timely and usable manner.

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