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Presence Management

Complete Presence Management for better planning of work

Automation of your team's presence management enables smooth operations and improves productivity. It allows for better communication and coordination between team members.

Discover how Emplify empowers your team to manage their presence through a multitude of options.

Time off

You need a leave management system that is as easy to use and efficient. With Emplify, you'll be able to capture your own process for leave approvals, multiple leave types with their own nuances, and take care of all the special cases like sandwiched leaves, compensatory offs, partial days, combination of leave types etc. Your team can check their leave balances and easily apply for time-offs. Plus, with automatic leave credits as per your policy, you'll have one less thing to worry about!

On Duty

Field work is critical for your organization. Make sure your team and management have a easy to use non-restrictive system for managing the same without compromising on your policies.

Work from Home

Hybrid working is the new norm, But that doesn't mean that work timings and team presence need to become unpredictable and unmanageable.


Many a times you need multiple shifts to increase customer servicing time, increase productivity by increasing your resource usage per day, accommodate different timing needs of your team and be present in multiple time zones. Managing all of this should not be a drag on your own productivity. That's exactly what Emplify ensures!


Automate your attendance rules with all the nuances. Attendance module in Emplify is seamlessly integrated with leaves, OD, work-from-home, shifts, holidays and works well on phone and with bio-metric systems. In case of any exceptions arising due to bio-metric failures, people forgetting to punch-in or file ODs, the power still lies with you and your team to regularize the timings as per your policy.

Geo Fencing & Geo Tagging

Activate geo-fencing / geo-tagging on the smartphones for the scenarios / places where there is no bio-metrics e.g., when your team is on the field or an office location doesn't have any bio-metric system. This ensures that your team presence information is always reliable.


Maintain and publish location-specific holiday calendars. Take into account government mandated holidays as well as optional holidays.


Do you need time tracking per project or per activity. Emplify's Timesheet functionality lets your team file their working hours segregated as per the type of work done in a day. Emplify's Timesheet functionality is well integrated with leaves, OD, work-from-home and shifts to provide your team ample guidance in filing their time precisely.


Do not compromise your uniqueness for lack of flexibility in your automation software. Flexibility and configurability is a guiding principle of Emplify's design. Like everything else in Emplify, presence management is also extremely flexible to cater to all the nuances you may have.


With all this data of course, you will need reports, not just for your analysis but at many a place they are required for legal compliance, and Emplify covers all that. Every organization has its own way of working and there's a reason for that.
Emplify is changing the way organizations manage their team presence. Our goal is to make your operations smooth, so that you can focus on what really matters: building a great team .

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