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The most robust and fully automatic payroll system

When you need the numbers to be accurate even if they need to be recomputed on back-dated changes

Payroll is the procedure for paying employees of an organisation, which involves keeping account of days worked, figuring out wages and benefits, and disbursing funds.

To guarantee that pay is accurately computed, tracked, and distributed as well as that the correct amounts for tax, company benefits, and other deductions are withheld, a number of steps must be followed.

With Emplify you have access to an enterprise-grade payroll system to compute your payroll with efficiency and accuracy.

Easy as 1-2-3

Follow some simple steps and run your payroll with a few clicks. Your payroll is automatically computed with efficiency and accuracy, based on the rules of the country, state, locality that you are running it for. We make sure that tax deductions are computed accurately, and we automatically generate pay-slips that include a detailed explanation of each computation along with a breakdown of salary allowances, incentives, deductions, and taxes.


You can divide the team into multiple payroll groups which could be formed based on seniority, location, employment type, department etc., and then have different people responsible for these groups or have different people responsible for a part of the payroll cycle in a group. Emplify lets your team collaborate and be more effective and efficient in handling the payroll for an increasingly global workforce.

Highly automated - you'll wonder how!

It is our meticulous attention to detail which has resulted in a truly automated payroll computation system. Be it the ability to handle different payroll cycles (fortnightly, bi-monthly, monthly etc.) for different groups, or handling declarations and savings, or computation of PF, ESI, PT, LWF, IT, or auto-generation of Form-16, 24Q form quarterly return automation, or seamless computation of arrears in case of retroactive pay revisions or changes in the minimum wages.

There are many more such hidden gems which will keep you amazed like if you move one employee from one group to another, the system will automatically adjust for the changes in payroll cycles or dates across those groups.

Compliance Reports

Compliance is a daunting task, With Emplify you can rest easy for we have got you covered. Our payroll computation takes care of all the required compliances and generates reports that simplifies your tax filings. We have lots of reports and dashboards on payroll data to give you insight into your tax liabilities and your payroll cost.

Single-click data export even when you want to outsource your payroll to a service provider

Emplify will dump out all the relevant data that your payroll provider will need. No more manual gathering / sourcing, vetting and consolidation of all the data to be shared.
Emplify is changing the way organizations compute and manage Payroll. Our goal is to make your operations simple, so that you can focus on what really matters: building a great team .

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