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Enable your new hires to become productive contributors ASAP

Quicker paperwork, Streamlined administrative activities, Smoother orientation - whether straightforward or nuanced

When your new employees arrive on the job, you want them to feel welcomed and supported. And what better way than by providing a friendly onboarding experience without compromising on your due process. Onboarding also provides an ideal starting point when establishing good working relationships with other team members.

Emplify makes it possible for you to customize the onboarding procedure as per your company's needs. With our flexible options, we help companies find their unique style and automate that within the system.

Get busy welcoming or get busy with the paperwork

With our pre-joining onboarding, have the paperwork ready by the date of joining. Familiarize your new hires with your policies and culture beforehand.

And on the day of joining if you need any paperwork to be signed, it can simply be generated by Emplify to be printed.

And all this without compromising on your legal requirements. What's more, all this is forever preserved in our document management system.

Set the ball rolling

Don't delay what is needed the moment a new hire walks in. Their id, email, workspace, corporate system access credentials. Let Emplify nag all the people responsible to facilitate this at just the right time before a new hire arrives.

Simple or nuanced, ensure the orientation goes smoothly

Take care of all the small details with our customizable orientation processes. Involve the right people at the right time to guide new hires and enable them to start contributing positively. What's more, you can have different processes for different functions or levels to handle job-specific nuances.

Confirmations, done right and on time

When the time is right Emplify will prompt you to run confirmation assessments for new hires hired on probation. Acknowledge the new hires efforts and skills. This is a good time to assess their demonstrated aptitude and skills to find the suitable opportunities for them in your organization.

Offer & Acceptance

Making an offer could be an involved process what with budget approvals, offer revisions, generation of offer letters etc. You can automate all this with Emplify and this seamlessly integrates with Onboarding for the accepted offers.
Emplify is changing the way organizations on-board their new hires. Our goal is to make your operations smooth, so that you can focus on what really matters: building a great team .

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