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Performance Metrics: KRAs and KPIs

Make excellence a norm, not an exception.

The right system can inspire people to excel consistently.

Operational excellence entails establishing benchmarks, then going through a cycle of continual assessment. Studies have shown that quicker feedback produces better self-learning and task completion. When it comes to gauging these achievements, key result areas (KRAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) are the vital measurable points that show an organization how well they're performing at any given moment in time. As your business delves deeper into complex environments, a well structured KRA and KPIs system can mean the difference between stagnation and growth. We know that you're busy and that the last thing you need is to be bogged down by numbers. But when it comes to your business' success, numbers are everything.

That's where Emplify comes in!

With our KPI Management System, we've made it easy for companies like yours to manage your continuous assessment system with minimal effort from your team. Tracking KPIs helps you know what is working for your company at present and where adjustments need to be made - all the while minimizing the time lapse between identifying productivity bottlenecks and course-corrections.

Discover how Emplify can help you roll out and operationalize an excellent continuous assessment system in your organization


The Employee KPI Scorecard makes it easy to see how well an employee is doing by presenting an automatic periodic and weighted score. It provides the ability to make adaptations to their assigned KPIs. This could include adjusting the targets, changing the weight given to different KPIs, or altering how often they are measured - weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. Additionally, you can add more or discontinue some KPIs


Every organization has their own policy on who can assign KPIs, who can pick up for themselves and who can approve. Moreover, there's also different policies on who can assess achievements on an ongoing manner. That's why Emplify provides quite a flexible system to not only pick your own policy, but also pick different policies for different sets of people as sometimes it differs based on the lines of business, function, designation or location.

Right person at the right time

You can trust our task management system for smooth running of your continuous assessment. The system will make sure that the right person is involved at the right time. As part of the policy settings, you may define TATs for each part of the assessment cycle and the system will take care to send regular notifications/reminders/escalations so that these TATs are adhered to. Our advanced task management system will make sure that no one is left out as you strive for excellence in your continuous assessment program.

Make your framework and retain the flexibility too

With our KPI modeling feature, you can bring order to the KPI chaos by building a structured KPI framework. Make your own KRA/KPI bundles with pre-defined KPIs and their behavior. This not only makes KPI assignment quick, but also standardises the performace metrics. Yet retain all the flexibility to fine-tune each and every person's metrics individually.
Emplify is changing the way organizations manage performance metrics. Our goal is to make performance management simple, so that you can focus on what really matters: building a great team .

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