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LMS: Learning Management System

Keep Learning Keep Growing

Enable your management and people to work together for employee growth and organization building
Little by little, one travels far - J.R.R. Tolkien

and we agree! As long as those little steps are in the right direction.

Providing excellent training to employees is one of the best investments a company can make. It leads to a more productive, efficient, and satisfied workforce. In today's competitive business world, training and development is a crucial part for any company to meet its broad goals and objectives. Managing learning across an enterprise is no easy task. Each day, there are always more priorities to balance.

With Emplify LMS, your business can prioritize learning sessions that contribute most towards its business objectives, collaborate and coordinate sessions or mentorships and apply feedback mechanisms to ensure quality standards for the training process.


Ensure the success of your learning endeavors by identifying what trainings are needed. This is the crucial first step which may well decide the outcome of your initiative. Focus on your organizational goals, objectives, your team's skills and competencies, your training resources and figure out the training needs of the various different roles/designations in your company.


Plan, Prepare and Publish. Keep your workforce aware of your training calendar in advance, so that they can pick their business requirements to enhance personal development needs. A training calendar is a powerful way to increase your employees’ ownership of learning, stay on top of your training needs, and create a culture of personal development.


A lot of planning is required to hold a single training session. Emplify makes it simple for your training team to collaborate and get the job done, be it recording the attendance, recording the feedback for the trainer, training assessments, certificates etc.

We got your back

Some trainings are mandated by legislation, regulation or policy. These are required to educate your workforce on the laws or regulations applicable to their job function or industry. With Emplify you can quickly find out, schedule and carry out the trainings required for you to be compliant with such mandatory requirements.


Build your courses repertoire based on what has worked in the past. Keep adapting as per your evolving needs.

Job shadowing

With a mentorship program a company stands to benefit from experience of the senior employees to share advice and offer guidance to other employees. In this program you connect an individual who has a lot of knowledge and experience with someone who hasn’t gained the same knowledge or experience yet. A mentorship program is a win-win situation where it results in an accelerated learning experience for mentees and at the same time the mentors become more competent as leaders and communicators as they guide and help rising talent.
Emplify is changing the way organizations manage their trainings. Our goal is to make learning management simple, so that you can focus on what really matters: building a great team .

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