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Real-time Feedback

Encourage and empower the exchange of feedback

It helps in employee motivation and employee engagement

One of the most important aspects of a successful work environment is the exchange of feedback between managers and employees. In order to create an environment that is conducive to growth and development, it is essential to encourage and empower employees to give and receive feedback on a regular basis. Real-time feedback is a framework that helps to achieve this goal. Because feedback can be delivered and received by anyone, it's inherently less biased, and improves collaboration, coaching, decision-making, agility, skills acquisition. With real-time feedback in place, businesses can create an environment that is truly supportive of employee development.

Discover how Emplify lets you share feedback with others.

Real-time Feedback

With Emplify, you can easily share and receive thoughtful feedback, everyday praise, and suggestions for improvement, all from one easy-to-use platform and start experiencing the benefits of a continuous feedback culture right away. The feedback functionality complements the performance appraisals functionality since this presents an around the year view of performance reviews.

Solicit Feedback

You need feedback to learn and grow. Don't wait for your annual review to find out how you’re performing, Use our real-time feedback functionality to solicit feedback on your work from people whose opinions you value, people who have been where you want to go. With special permissions you can solicit feedback for your team members as well.
Emplify is changing the way organizations gather feedback. Our goal is to make performance management simple, so that you can focus on what really matters: building a great team .

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