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Expense Management

Simplify your expense reimbursement and reconciliation process

Eliminate manual paper-based workflows, reduce waiting times, and ensure error-free data input and reporting

A policy for the reimbursement of expenses is a set of instructions that specifies what kinds of out-of-pocket purchases your team members are permitted to make on behalf of their organization, as well as how and when they will be compensated for such expenses. This policy consolidates all of the information relating to the reporting of expenses and the reimbursement of expenses into a centralised system, making life simpler for all stakeholders.

Your expense policy can be effortlessly automated with Emplify, allowing you to have an expense management system that is both streamlined and transparent.

Easy as pie

and then you can expense that too

Automate your expense reimbursement process with Emplify, and enable your team the freedom to submit expense claims promptly on any device—desktop, tablet, or mobile. Leverage our cutting-edge task management system to automate your expense approval procedures and remove process bottlenecks. The system also ensures that your finance staff have secure cloud storage for receipts and other documentation as well as digital audit trails for compliance requirements.

Policy checks and violations

Use the system to your advantage.

In order to assure policy compliance and error-free data input, Emplify can automate your policy checks, ensuring that the correct data is recorded along with the necessary documentation, and flag any policy breaches immediately at the time of expense reporting. We are aware that sometimes these policy checks may be overlooked, and that decision is left up to the approver. Such exclusions are permitted and recorded for reporting purposes together with the justification, date, and person stamps.

Right person at the right time

Expenses are properly reimbursed and reconciled with the help of our workflow engine and task management system, which ensures that the right people are involved at the right times. It keeps the process moving ahead by sending out periodic notifications and reminders to the appropriate people to ensure nothing gets stuck.

Convenient Reports - Get real-time, actionable insights into expense data

Decision-makers have access to a wealth of real-time data and analytics that include all transactions linked to expenses within the organization. To assist them in making better business decisions, they can organise everything by department, location, designation, and other factors.

Integrations with other business software

Integrate Emplify with other business software including accounting tools, and ERPs for a better tracking and payment of expense claims.

Budgeted Expenses

Have a new project or are organising an event where you need to buy various items. Create a budget and make it easier for your team to submit expense records. Monitor any budget overruns. You can quickly compare your estimated spending with actual expenditures.
Emplify is changing the way organizations manage Expense Reimbursements. Our goal is to make your operations simple, so that you can focus on what really matters: building a great team .

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