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Employee Core

Strong core makes for a robust system

Emplify has a very strong data model that lays the foundation for the data and functionality of higher level modules

The people's data of your company is a treasure trove, which when managed better can provide some serious insights to help you run and grow your business better. This treasure must be kept in a safe and secure manner with clarity on who has access to what data without compromising the ease of access to the right people.

Emplify is perfect for rapidly growing businesses. It offers streamlined employee record management and automation of a vast number of day to day processes. It provides a modular, expandable and customisable system with self-service portals for employees, management and HR to free you up from non-value-adds ensuring all those operations run smoothly and compliance standards are met at every turn.

Know your team

Your people are the stars of your story. Know them. Facilitate them.

The Emplify platform provides a secure, centralized database for your people data. This data can include standard categories like personal, payroll, performance, skills etc., as well as any custom data you need. The Emplify platform makes this data accessible from anywhere, so you can always have quick access to the information you need.


By definition "An organizational structure is a system that outlines how certain activities are directed in order to achieve the goals of an organization. These activities can include rules, roles, and responsibilities." The organizational structure determines how information flows between levels within the company. Download hierarchy charts from Emplify - be it for the whole company, for a specific level, department, location etc.


Business growth is an integral part of the business cycle. With growth comes your need to expand to multiple locations for different purposes like sales, manufacturing etc. However each location has its own rules and regulations, its own way of working and operations. Emplify makes it easy for you to define location specific rules which automatically apply to people and processes in that geography without having you to double guess everytime.

All your documents

Keeping a precise and complete documentation folder for all your employees in the organization is a mind boggling task albeit an important one. It forms the foundation of your HR office. Recording employment information is very important ranging from formal documents like offer letter, background checks, employment letter, salary revisions to informal documents like a manager's record of discussions with the employee. Emplify makes it easy for you to record, remember and retrieve all the required documentation.

Generate your documents automatically

Time to say farewell to making manual adjustments to old documents in order to generate a new copy for a new employee. Save time and avoid errors through our advanced document generation feature. Design your document templates in Emplify by adding static and dynamic elements. Now relax and let Emplify do your document generation work for you.

Put the right checks in place

Use our sophisticated access rights to allow access to your work-force to see and update their information while hiding sensitive data. Enable a maker-checker process to have a second pair of eyes and help spot things that appear strange or incorrect ensuring the sanity of your data.

Grow your database - as much as you need

We know every company is unique, and therefore we enabled the admin to easily and graphically customize the employee database to track anything you need—whether it’s their favorite color, food preferences or covid vaccinations.
Emplify is changing the way organizations manage their human capital. Our goal is to make your operations smooth, so that you can focus on what really matters: building a great team .

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