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and happy customers spread the word
and unhappy ones do that even faster
One system to handle it all Tech problems, change requests or product support, handle it all in one integrated system. Each issue type gets handled as per its own fields and workflows. What's more, issues can be reported by customers directly on your site's support page and they will land right into the system, with automatic or manual assignment as per your policy.
Involve the right people at the right time Most of the issues get handled by frontline personnel. But if need be, you can invoke services of subject matter experts (SMEs). Customer service is a collaborative effort after all!
Keep your promises If your business needs to maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for support timelines, Vibrance can easily ensure that. Specify response and resolution SLAs as per issue type, priority and platforms. It can proactively escalate issues if the SLAs is heading for a breach from your side.
It helps to be integrated with your sales and orders system Quickly raise issues against delivered products/services. Check for validity of support or warranty periods and customer support priority to serve customers with speed and quality they deserve.
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We are a research-oriented enterprise software company with the aim of making the latest in technology available to businesses of all sizes without making it look intimidating. The problem with today's enterpsie software is that they either are difficult to deploy, configure and use or they cut down on functionality to make them look easy. We have our own in-house technologies to deliver high-value solutions to you in a timely and usable manner.

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