How do I change the shift of an employee?


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As an HR, one of your responsibilities is to add/change the shift of an employee or employees. Let us assume, your organization presence in multiple locations for each location different shifts are defined. In such cases, it is very hectic to add or change shifts of employees.

To overcome such situations, emplify providing an easy access to add/change the shifts of employees by using Locations module. 

Before add/change the shifts of an employee, you need to define the shifts location wide. For defining shifts please refer How can I enter the shift timings applicable for a location?

For Add/Change the shift of an employee, you need to select the Locations module from the app launcher window. After clicking on locations module you will navigate to Location Hierarchy window as shown below.


Location module

location Hierarchy window

In Location Hierarchy window, you will observe all your organization presences locations. From that locations, you need to select a location which you want to add/change shifts of employees(In this case assume, you selected Pune location). After clicking on Pune location, you will navigate to Pune-Location Details window. In that window, you will observe the Shift Allocation section as shown below.

Pune-location Details window

Shift Allocation section