Can I cancel a leave? What if the leave is already approved?


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My leave card
Leave module

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As an employee, you may have to cancel the applied leave due to your personal reasons. But here the question is 'what if the leave is already approved?'. The answer is 'Yes you can cancel the leave'. For this Emplify provides a feature called Withdraw Mechanism. By using this feature, you can cancel the approved leave also.

Leave cancel process can be done two ways they are:

1. My leaves card

2. leaves module

My leave card

You can observe your applied leave status on lave card as applied/approved. If you want to cancel the leave, you need to click on status of leave then you will have to navigate to Leave application window as shown below.

click on leave status

click on More

In that window, you will observe More tab on the top right corner of the window. For withdraw of a leave, you need to click on more tab. After clicking on More tab, you will observe a button called Start Leave Withdrawal Process.

To start the leave withdraw process, you need to click on that button. As soon as you click on the button it will be asked for confirmation. After confirming,your leave withdraw task is generated for you.

click on start leave Leave withdrawal process button

Confirm withdrawal process

When you click on that task, you will observe a done button. after clicking on that done button, you leave Withdraw request send for approval.

Click on Request cancellation link

click on Done button

you can check the status of the withdrawal process as pending with whom and approved or rejected as shown below.

Before approval

After approval

Leave module

By also using leave module you can cancel or withdraw your leave. For this you need to click on leaves module from app launcher window. after clicking on leaves module, you will navigate to leave management window. in that, you need to select the leave which you want to withdraw. After clicking on that leave you will navigate to leave application window as shown below.

Leave management window

click on More tab

After that, you need to follow the same steps as done in My Leave Card section.