How can I add a new employee to the list of employee files?


On Browser

On Browser

As an HR you may have to add an employee to the existing list whenever a new employee is recruited. For this Emplify provides a easy access for adding an employee.

For adding an employee, you need to select the employee files module from app launcher window. After clicking on the employee file module, you will have to navigate to Employee Files window as shown below.  

Employee Files module

Add New Employee

In that Employee File window, you can find all the employees data like Emp ID, Emp Name, Phone Number, Email Id etc.. For creating a new employee, you need to click on the + button. After clicking on the + button, you will have to navigate to Create a New Employee window. There you need to fill all the mandatory employee information like First name, Last name, Gender, Employee Id, Employee status etc..

In Creating New Employee window, you will observe 3 checkboxes as shown below.

They are

  1. Create Emplify Id
  2. On probation
  3. Start On-Boarding Process.

1. When you select create emplify id checkbox, there you will observe 2 text boxes pop up. One for Username and other for a       password.

 you need to provide username and password. Emplify provides a feature to generate the password randomly by clicking on generate password link.


Fill the required information

check Create Emplify Id check box

2. While creating a new employee, you may give the probation period by checking the On Probation check box. The probation period is calculated based on the joining date and you can assign a probation period to an employee in two ways by selecting radio buttons. they are

  •   Choose period.
  •   Enter Period Manually.

When you choose Choose period radio button, you need to select values from the drop-down box which are pre-defined by your company 

If you choose Enter period manually radio button, you will need to enter months and weeks manually.

If you want to start on the Boarding process of an employee, you will need to click on Start On-Boarding Process button.


check On Probation Check box

Check Start On Boding process Check box

After adding the required information, you need to click on the Add Employee button to add an employee.