Mass upload an Excel file containing the list of new employees


Select the import routine

Select the import routine

As an HR, you need to keep adding new employees to the existing employee data whenever a new employee joins your company. Instead of adding data of one employee at a time, Emplify provides a nice feature called Imports module. By using this Imports module you can upload bulk employee data in a simple and easy way.

For this, you need to select the Import module form app launcher. After clicking on the import module, you will navigate to Import Browser window. Multiple import routines are listed in this window. For adding new employees data, you need to select the Employees Data: Create Only in Employee data section (you can search for employee data in the search box).

Import Browser

Employee date:create only

You can click on Employees Data: Create Only subsection and download the import template (an excel file containing the format in which data can be imported). After downloading the template, you need to fill the required employee data (Some fileds are marked madatory like First name, employee id, employee status, employment type, designation, department etc…). After filling the required information, you can start importing the data be uploading the Excel file by using browse button as shown below.

Excel Template

Add New Employee

Importing process involves some steps that you need to follow.

step 1. Upload the File for Importing Employees Data: Create Only

step 2. Specify header and data row.

After specifying the Header and data row, you need to click on Continue Importing button as shown below. 

step 3. Confirm the File contents

After confirming File contents, you need to click on Done button and Continue Import button.

step4. Start the import

This is the final step. you can validate the data by clicking on the Validate button and Then click on Import button. it shows the success message if all provided data is valid.


Upload Excel Template

Click on continue Import button.

Click on Done button Then Clickon Continue Button

Click on import button