Adding KRA/KPI assessment values


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In Browser

As an employee, you have to provide your KRA/KPI self-assessment values. for this, you need to click on the task (Task is generated based upon the frequency which is set up by your superior/HR) on the right side panel as shown below. The frequency as set up by your supervisor can be fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, bi annually or annually

Self Assessment task

Click on Monthly Self Assessment.

After clicking on monthly assessment, you will navigate to Performance Values window. There you need to fill the self-assessment values by clicking on the Edit button and after completing the self-assessment, you need to save those values as shown below.

Edit The Monthly Criterion Ratings.

Provide Self assessment values and comments.

After saving, it will ask for submitting those assessment values to the superior and it will show the supervisor name who will be assessing.

Click on Submit Button

After Submit

After clicking on the submit button, a task is generated for employee's supervisor for the subordinate's assessment. Whenever supervisor  completes the subordinate's assessment, It will appear in the final rating values in his/her My File module. In My File module, there is a section called Performance Indicators in that section one will observe final rating with a graph.

Manager assessment

Final Assessment Rating