How can I assign KRAs and KPIs to an employee


Assign KRAs/KPIs to your subordinate
Assign weight and targets

Assign KRAs/KPIs to your subordinate

As a manager it is your responsibility to assign KRAs/KPIs to your team members so that the company's expectations from the employee and targets related to his/her responsibility is clearly understood by the employee.

What is required here is that the employee is assigned a set of KRA/KPIs, where

  1. Each KRA/KPI is assigned a weight since some KPIs may be more important than others.
  2. There is a defined frequency of measurement of the KPI (could be monthly, quarterly..).
  3. Some KPIs may have a target associated with them.
  4. The company may have decided on a common set of KPIs applicable to all employees of the company or all employees of a department or all employees of a given designation.

Before actually assigning KRA/KPIs it is important to do the following:

  1. Add the KRA/KPI to the master list of performance KPIs. Please see the page 'Adding KRAs/KPIs to the master list'.
  2. Add some profiles (make a group of KRA/KPIs which are applicable to a set of employees for easy assignment of such KPIs). Please see the page 'Performance Management Profiles'

Once these steps are done, the manager can now open the employee file of his/her subordinate and assign KRA/KPIs to the employee.
We will go through the steps in details here:


Please open the employee file of your subordinate (by selecting 'Employee Files' in the app launcher and then selecting the subordinate). The employee file as you already know contains all the data associated with the corresponding Employee. Please select the 'Performance Indicators' tab to view/edit the KRAs/KPIs.

Please click on the + button in 'All KRA's (Category Wise)' section to start adding KRAs.

Here you will be presented with two options:

  1. To select a pre-built profile of KRA/KPIs. Note that you can add more than one profile for an employee.
  2. To add KRA/KPIs one by one.

Please note that you can use both of these options to add commonly applicable KRA/KPIs and then top these up with specific KRA/KPIs

Adding KRAs/KPIs through predefined profiles

Adding independent KRA/KPIs

Assign weight and targets

In order to track all KPIs, it is recommended that you adjust the weights applicable to the KPIs. If your company treats all assigned KPIs as equally important, you can simply click on the link titled 'Reassign weights automatically'. Otherwise you can click on the edit button to adjust the weights as per the importance given to each KPI.

Adjusting the weights of the assigned KRAs/KPIs and targets (if any)

This is it. You have sucessfully added the KRAs/KPIs for a subordinate. You need to repeat this procedure for all the people reporting to you.

Tasks to fillup the values for the assigned KRAs/KPIs will be generated automatically by the system as per the frequency of measurement chosen by you. The actual values go through the following cycle (based on the settings for your company)

  • Self Assessement
  • Assessment by Manager
  • Assessment by Higher Level Manager

Please see the page "Adding KRA/KPI assessment values" for more details on this section.