Projectile for Lean Six Sigma
Ensuring quality for quality initiatives
Compliance and scale for your Lean Six Sigma Program
Anytime, Anywhere
Work across devices
with real-time data synchronization
Or offline on your smartphones, when not connected
Quick Implementation
Don't let the months pass by waiting for implementation to finish...
Get it fast, including all the customization
Cloud or In-house?
Well, it's up to you
It's safe and secure either way
$ Biggest Bang for your Buck $
We pass on the benefits of our technology to you
Reasonable Pricing
Lesser Time to Implement
Lesser Training required for your Team
People actually able to use it? Priceless!
Magnify Lean Six Sigma program ROI Handle and mentor more projects, while ensuring compliance and quality for each, Bring scale, enable collaboration and visibility, on top of your existing tools
Program Management

Real-time visibility into your whole program, not just individual projects. Auto-consolidated, program-wide dashboards and reports.

Built-in Methodologies

Built-in DMAIC and Lean methodologies. Option to add more as per your needs.

Role-based access

Bring everybody together, yet have clearity on roles and responsibility.

Track Metrics

Primary, Business and Consequntial metrics to set goals and track progress, measured at the frequency you want.

Toll-gate reviews

Review wizard at the end of each phase to stop any problems from lingering on and timely corrections

Project Closure Report

Automatic geenration of Project Closure Report on project completion (as PDF), for emailing or to grace your walls!

Purposeful collaboration

In-context mentoring, built-in discussions and a way to assign and track "ad-hoc" tasks, share documents make it a very effective platform to collaborate on the projects you are working on


Get your team's creative juices flowing with built-in ideation tool, whereby people suggest problems to tackleand their solutions. Then a designated committee formally evaluates and prioritises and identifies the right methodology for the solution project

Workflow designer

Need to fine-tune the workflow as per policy? No problem! Just use the built-in process designer and adapt all the tools, tasks, checklists and guidelines. Fine-tune the notification emails, what they say or when they get sent and to whom.

Knowledge Retention

A place to keep all lessons learned and benefit from them in the future. Maintain repository of past successful (and unsuccessful) projects to pick better ways of doing things in the future

Rich Actionable Emails

In a rush? You don't even need to log in many times. Projectile will provide you rich formatted emails with action buttons to work on the run

Anywhere Anytime

Things at your fingertips with smartphone app and of course, the good old browser!

Sample Screenshots Next best thing to a real demo - which you can ask by Contacting Us
Different kinds of projects (with different methodologies), managed in one system. Accessible based on your role in them
See your projects whichever way you want, group and sort as you need.
Get Program-level status
Sliced and diced many ways
Get clear overview of each project. Status, timelines, team and next steps and any escalations. Also, get a quick glance at what has been happening in the project in the built-in discussion-cum-notifications board.
Stay on top of proect's metrices. Primary, Business and Consequntial. The new values automatically open up as per the frequency of measurement.
And when you're done, Projectile will generate a project report (as PDF, which you can use to print a poster you can hang!)
Each activity can be an embedded and built-in quality tool (e.g. MSA) or be done via suitable documents (MS Excel files, Minitab files) based on the specific activity.
In-context, activity-specific discussions and Q&A
Fine-tune your methodology and processes exactly you need to, with built-in workflow designer, which lets you fine-tune many aspects of each step.
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