The most advanced "Basics"
Flawless automation of your day to day activities
Comprehensive Employee Database, Hierarchy, On-boarding, Separation, Leaves and Attendance
Get the most in-depth and robust functionality all at one place.
Capture all the important information in a structured manner. Starting with Reporting Hierarchy, Department Hierarchy as well as Location Hierarchy. All employees information is neatly captured in employee files, properly categorized by purpose.
Ready-access (with suitable rights) to an employee's employment information, contact details, projects, career history, education, trainings, performance, salary, leaves etc.
Maintain soft copies of all relevant documents and certificates. Stay on top of validity of recorded documents and get timely reminders to renew statutory and professional certificates.
Get clear information on your organization as a whole, presented in various ways for you to analyze your company better and make informed decisions.
Streamlined on-boarding and separation
Onboarding of new hires is a critical process involving joining formalities and proper orientation. With Emplify, not only you can faciliate the paperwork, but also deploy a new joinee orientation process which works the moment a new employee joins your organization and can be taken through important orientation steps via different roles in the organization. Moreover, you can even start the paperwork before the day of formal joining, to get most of the paperwork out of the way by the time of joining. In fact, the new hires and HR are closely connected by the system to stay on top of the progress made on the paperwork.
Similar to joining, Emplify streamlines the exit process as well. It handles various scenarios, like the reason and source of exit and accordingly it can help with notice duration, salary and leave adjustments as well as completing all the formalities in ensuring a clean exit process (like getting clearances from various departments)
Leaves, Attendance and Timesheets
A flexible system to setup the leaves as per your company policy. Control all aspects of leave management with simple point and click settings. Setup things like how many leaves credited per month/year etc. Minimum/Maximum durations for leaves, combining with other leave types etc. People can easily see their leave balances and changes over time. A manager gets a clear picture of his/her team's leave status to approve any new requests.
Track projects and project teams. File timesheets for projects or other activities. Suitable approvals and dashboards to know where organization efforts are being spent
Track attendace, whether via bio-metric or via employee check-ins on the system (phone or desktop). You can as well specify attendance-related rules for automatic actions on attendance being irregular.
Expenses and Budgets
Tracking expenses made by people for business involves a lot of paperwork. With Emplify you can easily automate and streamline this. People can file expenses and they get approved as per your workflow. What's more, you can even specify location-specific rules to have amounts validated. Poeple can attach receipts and can always know the status of their requests.
We take it further with Budgets. Budgets are pre-approved expenses for specific purposes. Once approved via your own workflow, they can simplify paperwork within those budgets. And of course, you always get to know how each budget is being spent in real-time.
See your overall expenses and get insights in real-time
Keeping it all flexible
Every organization is unique with its own culture and policies. That's why we have designed Emplify to adapt as per your needs without wasting your time. Almost anything in Emplify can be customized with suitable settings and embedded workflows, which can be designed graphically to cater to your own processes.
Performance Management
Performance Management is a key activity of an organization to build a productive organization, by identifying your talent, objectively and timely, and keep them motivated
Performance Management has many aspects to it and is also linked to various other activities in the organization. With Emplify, it all comes together seamlessly in one coherent system.
Continuous Evaluation or those year-end marathons?
You can automate as much or as little as you want
Performance Reviews
Performance Reviews or Appraisal are critical for assessing people's performance and more importantly, identifying the areas of improvement for personal as well as organization growth. This is something everybody looks forward to, but the sheer paperwork can bog down the management and HR and this important process's thouroughness can be compromised.
Emplify gives you handy wizards to look at the whole process holistically and collectively work on the ratings, promotions, salary hikes, incentive calculations and accepting the training needs identified in the process.
With Emplify, you can automate it all. You can design your own forms for various purposes, viz. self-appraisal, manager assessment, peer review etc. Easily setup the appraisal phases and keep track of the whole process as various online forms move across people. What's more, you can use different forms, phases and ratings for different profiles of people. You can run reviews as and when you need and of course, year-end as well.
Continuous Evaluation
Assign Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs) to people and specify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The system will keep track of when KPI values become due based on the frequency you specify.
KRAs help people stay aligned to their objectives and provide a clear path for self-improvement.
Continuous Evaluation leads to fair and more transparent assessment, motivates people to give their best on an on-going basis and facilitates objective evaluation at the yearly review.
Trainings Management
Build up Organization Capability systematically
Your people need to grow to increase your organization's capability to deliver its products and services with quality and timeliness. How do you prioritize and stay on top of all that needs to be done for this?
With Emplify, you can stay on top of all training needs identified across the business, their criticality and make trackable plans within your budgets.
Maintain all the courses you run, online or offline. What skills and competencies they impart and who can conduct these and how have been their feedback in earlier sessions.
For each session, maintain attendees list, evaluate and rate them and attendees in turn can rate the instructor. After evaluation the employee records are automatically updated to reflect their new learnings.
For non-classroom learning and on-the-job grooming, you can create mentorship programs. This is a perfect way for a mentor to meet and groom their proteges regularly over a period of time and also keep management in the loop about the progress.
Robust & Flexible. Helpful even if outsourced to payroll provider.
Emplify has the most robust and automatic payroll system. It computes everything automatically considering all the relevant info, like leaves, attendance, salary breakup etc. It takes into account the savings declarations made under various categories.

What's unique about Emplify payroll is how it adapts with changing information. For example, salary could be revised any day (not aligned to payroll period), or savings declarations can change anytime or the salary could be revised with back-dated effect. All such scenarios are seamlessly handled without requiring any manual intervention. The tax info is calculated and TDS adjusted as the underlying info changes.
You can make multiple payroll processing groups, each group can have its own payment periods (monthy, weekly etc) and its own period start (say 5th to 5th). If an employee is moved form one group to another, the payroll processing automatically takes care of the incompatibilities across period boundaries (e.g. 5th to 5th monthly to bi-monthly). What's more, as per your company policy, you can allow your employees to restructure their salary break-up as per their personal situation and this restructuring is also automatically taken care of.

Needless to say, you can get insights into the payroll
Every number that Emplify computes, has detailed and clear explanation, so you can be assured of accuracy and can answer any queries quickly and reliably. And ofcourse, it automatically generates payslips, which can be emailed to employees after Finance publishes it.
Even if you have outsourced payroll services, you can use Emplify to simply download a complete information sheet related to payroll, which you can send to your payroll provider, to enable them to do the math.
Streamline hiring activities.
Make growth plans and keep track of their progress. In addition to pre-planned and pre-approved hirings, create job requisitions for attrition, specific projects or just ad-hoc. You can also create an internal job portal (for internal hirings) as well as your careers page. Bring together your HR, functional panels, recruitment agencies and candidates together in a structured manner.
For any job requisition, clearly see all applicants, their source and how they've been progressing across selection phases. Invite and schedule shortlisted candidates for next round and co-ordinate with functional interview panel all at one place.
Make recruitment work as per you, setup turn around times, approval policies and job-specific selection procedures and ratings.
Simple way to track equipment and services you procure for business purposes
Track your hardware and software assets, which you assign to employees. Not only would you readily know what you've bought and is assigned to whom, but also stay on top of maintenance plans and incidents. There's a handy handover wizard to ensure proper handover of company assets from one person to another (e.g. on transfer or exit)
Know the pulse of your people
Design and run surveys for any purpose. Target the whole company or specific people (by department, location etc). What's more, people can take surveys from their phone app as well.
Rich Actionable Emails
Too busy to log on to the system? You can do many day to day activites via emails. Emplify sends richly-formatted emails with relevant information for you to make decisions and embedded action buttons for you to take those actions without having to login to the system. Email contents and action buttons are purpose-specific.
HR and Travel Helpdesks
With built-in helpdesks for general HR issues and specific travel requests, you can streamline your work further. The travel requests can carry itinerary information (and e-tickets!) for people to plan accordingly. The employees stay aware of the progress made on their requests and you can focus on the real work than wasting time locating requests and their outcome from the pile of emails.
Getting social
Simple and effective collaboration
A very simple interface to talk to somebody one-to-one or as a group. Share images and documents and of course, all this across devices (PC, phones).
Emplify doesn't stop at just messaging text or sharing images and documents. It includes tasks as part of its collaboration capabilities. Of course, there are built-in wizards for all the structured work, but for eveything else, there are quick tasks and quick questions built right into what you may see as a mere chat box.
Not only can you have 'regular' discussions, there are automatic, embedded discussions into anything of significance where multiple people need to work. This makes it so much easier to understand the context of discussion, no need to write lengthy preambles for setting the context. Get updates whenever something of significance happens and of course, this builds up the trail of progress.

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