Error-free Payroll at scale with a few clicks

The Problem

The client is one of the pioneer fashion houses of the country. Presently Client is having around 20 operational stores and factory units. Employees are working in multiple shifts, there are different attendance rules for different employee grades. Apart from that client also follows multiple holiday calendars, different weekly offs for each store and most important employee-specific rosters. Client has different pay days for payroll processing. Client has multiple Incentive schemes for their store staff, the incentives are calculated and disbursed along with salary. Manually tracking employees on above criteria was very time consuming and potential for mistakes was also there. In addition to the payroll, tracking which employees are not available due to various types of absence was critical for effective planning and optimum productivity.

The Solution

Lucid Emplify emerged as the perfect solution for overcoming the said problems. Our solution helped client to create micro level rosters, incorporate multiple attendance and leave rules. Manage, track and create multiple shifts. Manage multiple types of salary components and incentive schemes specific to individual employees, stores and departments. Separate payroll groups were created for different pay days. Our solution also helped client to create comprehensive employee information platform. Client is also using our solution for day to day HR activites like leave and attendance management, expenses, OD, internal communication, announcements, HR helpdesk, travel helpdesk and many more …

The Impact

The HR as well as the employees could immediately feel the convenience of automation. The payroll is now accurate, error-free and instantaneous. They now have real time insight of various aspects of the organization.

The Winning Stroke

The client had complex operational procedures and the other vendors were not able to deliver proper solution as per the requirements and specifications. Moreover, the client also desired to host the application on their own server, which was done successfully by Lucid.

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