Managing high-speed growth

The Problem

The client in question is a fast growing Food and Beverages chain. Fast growth throws its own challenges which need to be managed well to not get off the track. With new stores opening frequently and exisiting ones across the country, it was becoming a challenge for the company to keep the new and old employees connected and motivated. The delays and inaccuracies caused by overworked manual processes risk employee disenchantment as well.

The Solution

We provided them with a complete HCM solution not only for routine operations but also for growth management and transparent performance management as well. It became much more streamlined to manage and reward employees' performance on continuous basis and of course, the yearly appraisals. The growth is being streamlined by the recruitment module built into our HCM solution. And last, but not the least, the daily operations like leaves, attendance and payroll have become a lot smoother as well.

The Impact

The client is set to sail smoothly on the journey from being a small size company to a medium size company in a very short time frame, avoiding the collateral damages usually associated with such processes.

The Winning Stroke

Lucid's ability to provide robust and deep solutions in the shortest timeframe and not just laundary list of 'name-sake features'. Our ability to operationalize the desired processes quickly across the organization is what made it all possible.

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