Sales force automation beyond the usuals

The Problem

The client in question is a nation-wide distributor of Industrial Automation Products and is a part of a global distribution behemoth working in more than 100 countries. They have very structured and advanced sales processes, but did not have any CRM automation and it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the sales processes manually. They decided to go for CRM automation. They tried a few of the solutions but no vendor was able to provide a robust solution which could manage all of their processes. Even "high-end" solutions could not automate it to their satisfaction.

The Solution

Lucid provided a complete end-to-end Sales Management System, capturing and managing all the processes from leads till order delivery and payment tracking. This includes a robust pricing and quotations module on top of product catalog with more than a hundrend thousand entries. The solution also enables and structures their review processes on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. With detailed analysis across territories, products and types of revenue, the client can now run their sales and inside sales exactly how they want without spending tremendous amount of manual efforts that they needed to earlier.

The Impact

Our Sales Management (CRM) Software changed the way they were working. All manual processes have been removed. Now they can track how much business has been generated from across regions and products and by whom. Which region has high sales performance and which has low, where and on which accounts they should focus more. At any point of time management can see what all business they have acquired at a certain point of time, how much has been invoiced and delivered and what all pending payments are there. Service CRM has also been providing the complete picture of the resolved cases, pending cases and escalated cases. Through the handy BOQ (Bill of Quantity) now the sales professional can create quotations effectively out of over a hundrend thousand SKUs. Nothing is falling through the gaps and operations are transparent.

The Winning Stroke

Inability of "established" CRMs to cover the whole gamut of processes with precision was a major factor. The speed of customization being much faster with Lucid was the icing on the cake.

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